Biblical Educational CounselingTM

Before called a pastor and teacher by God, Wayne Kim was a Jewish Educational Counselor working with another doctor Steve Greenspan. Personal counseling was given to a college student, a graduate school student, and a high school student at a customary reasonable fee. Those were able to have success in sight of the World but some of them were not using their knowledge for godly purposes, appearing to build the tower of Babel.

Since Ivy tower without God is futile in sight of God, now the Biblical Educational CounselingTM, which is the counseling upon "Jewish Education for ChristTM, " rather than the Jewish Educational Counseling, is FREELY given only to a born-again Christian to become salt and light in the World for the glory of Jesus, the great name, upon personal appointment . But the counseled 's Offering to God for this work as his/her privilege is gladly accepted. How to fish in light of not only the Old Testament (limited to Jewish Education) but the New Testament is counseled with expertise of education, e.g., how to know your talent given by the Lord; How to develop your ability for a pariticular aim (e.g. a subject-- Math, English....; a job....; case by case approach...)

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Please note that every counseling should start from every counseled person who has the personal relationship - fellowship/communion/bondage - with the Lord by serving and seeking Him. Otherwise, the counseling would be futile, meaningless, or useless because without the Lord we would not do anything (John 15:5).